Core Team

It takes great people to build great products. Our core team is based in Dublin and London. Additionally, we have developers based in New York, Barcelona, and Bogotá.

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Colin Ricardo

Founder, CEO

Colin has a BSc. in Computer Science from UCD and an MSc. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh. Colin is responsible for overseeing all projects, and client management.

Éanna Morley

Chief Data Scientist

Éanna has a BSc. in Mathematics & Statistics from UCD and an MSc. in Machine Learning & Statistics from University College London. Éanna is responsible for application development and machine learning.

Eoghan O Neill

Head of Design

Eoghan has a BSc. in Architecture and an MSc. in Computer Science from UCD. Eoghan is responsible for UX design and integrated analytics.

Eleanor Gunapala

Head of Operations

Eleanor has a BA. in Political Science from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc. in Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh. Eleanor is responsible for UX design and day-to-day operations.

Brian Birhire

Head of Outbound Sales

Brian has a BA. in Economics and Sociology from UCD. Brian is responsible for outbound sales and company outreach.

Albert Itayev

Lead Developer

Albert is a talented full stack developer who has previously worked as a freelancer, and for a startup in San Francisco. Albert is responsible for full stack development and technical review.


Chief Dog

Spodie is responsible for cleaning up spilled food and keeping the office in good cheer. She also deals with human resources.

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